Priest: 1st-Level
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Allure of Erato (Enchantment/Charm)
Sphere:                         Charm
Range:                          25 feet
Components:                 V,S
Duration:                       2 turns / level
Casting Time:                 5
Area of Effect:               One target humanoid
Saving Throw:               Negates
This spell affects one humanoid within 25 feet of the caster that can understand his/her language. If the target fails a saving throw versus spell, Allure of Erato replaces any and all negative emotions the target may have had toward the spellcaster with the opposite positive emotion. Repulsion becomes Attraction; Love becomes Hate; Mild Dislike becomes Mild Curiosity; etc. This spell also affects the casters CHR by 1d4+2 points in the direction the emotion shifts. Also, the casting of the spell is 100% inconspicuous, because the verbal and somatic components are completely masked by the normal communication between the caster and the target.
Mantle of Charisis (Necromancy)
Sphere:                          Healing
Range:                           60 yards
Components:                  V,S,M
Duration:                        1 segment / level
Casting Time:                  4
Area of Effect:               One creature
Saving Throw:                None
By casting this spell on a creature, a priest causes 1 HP of wound or other injury damage to be healed per segment of the spell's duration up to a max. of 1 HP per level of the caster. The first HP is healed during the first segment after the caster completes the casting, then the target is healed 1 HP per segment for every round following until the round ends. No Hit Points will carry over into the next round, if applicable, because all are given to the target creature during the same round the spell was cast in. The target must be any creature (including the caster) within 60 yards that is in the caster's line of sight. The Mantle of Charisis spell causes an almost invisible, shimmering, blue-white aura to wrap snugly around the target creature like a cloak. This aura does not produce a significant amount of light, nor does it impede the vision or concentration of the target in any way. During the spell's duration, neither the caster nor the recipient need to concentrate to keep the healing effects of the mantle operational. No magical or physical actions can disrupt the effects of the mantle other than dispel-type magical forces. The material component for this spell is the caster's holy symbol.
Reverence (Enchantment/Charm)
Sphere:                         Charm
Range:                          120 yards
Components:                 V,S,M
Duration:                       1 turn per level
Casting Time:                1
Area of Effect:              1 person
Saving Throw:               Neg.
This spell induces a feeling of awe and respect within the target for the caster.  A victim of this spell will not attack the caster as they regard them to be a wise, powerful and venerable figure against whom they must not act.  The target will also be inclined to protect the caster from harm, for example shouting warnings or pushing them from harm's way, although it does not make them into a mindless bodyguard who will turn on former comrades.  Any attack or hostile magic by the caster on a recipient of this spell will immediately cancel it's effect.  When the spell ends the target will be confused for 1 turn.  The target is permitted a saving throw vs. spells to resist the effect.  This spell does not affect undead, magical or planar creatures.  This spell requires the priest's holy symbol.
Silence, 1' rad. (Abjuration, Elemental (Air))
Sphere:                          Guardian, Elemental Air
Range:                           30 yards + 5 yards / per level
Components:                  V,S
Duration:                        1 round per level
Casting Time:                  4
Area of Effect:                1-foot-radius sphere
Saving Throw:                 Neg.
"Silence, 1' rad." is a modified version of the second level spell, "Silence, 15' rad.". Use of the "Silence, 1' rad." spell creates up to five shimmering, translucent, pearly-white, two-foot-diameter spheres that streak from the caster to the target. As soon as the spheres reach their target, the visible sphere disappears and complete silence prevails in the affected area. All sound there is stopped: conversation is impossible, spells cannot be cast (or at least not those with verbal components), and no noise whatsoever issues from or enters the area. The spell can be cast into the air or upon an object, but the effect is stationary unless cast on a mobile object or creature. The spell lasts one round for each level of experience of the priest. The spell can be centered on a creature, and the effect then radiates from the creature and moves as it moves. If (or more likely, when) a creature that's too large to fit into the area of effect is the target of this spell, a specific target on the creature must be declared (i.e. the spellcaster's head, the baby dragon's maw, the Tarrasque's fourth toe on its left foot, etc.) to be the center of the 1-foot-radius sphere. An unwilling creature gets a saving throw vs. magic against the spell. If the saving throw is successful, the spell is negated. (NOTE: This is different than what happens in the Silence, 15' rad. spell when a saving throw is made.) "Silence, 1' rad." can be affected by any spell that would normally affect a "Silence, 15' rad." spell. For every two extra levels of experience, the priest gains an additional sphere--he has two at 3rd level, three at 5th level, four at 7th, etc., up to a total of five spheres at 9th level. If a priest has multiple sphere capability, he can have them strike a single target or several targets, as desired. (NOTE: The overlapping of areas of magical silence does not have any appreciable side effects.)
Song of Tears (Evocation, Elemental (Air))
Sphere:                          Elemental Air, Combat
Range:                           0
Components:                 V,S
Duration:                        Instantaneous
Casting Time:                 2
Area of Effect:               A sonic cone 30-feet long and 5-feet wide at the far end
Saving Throw:               1/2
When casting this spell, the priest begins singing one low, mournful pitch, which then begins to increase in intensity/volume until producing a sonic cone of force that is 30-feet long and 5-feet wide at the far base of the spell. Creatures within the area of effect take 1d4+1 points of damage. Affected creatures may save for half damage. A"Song of Tears" cannot function through a "Silence, 15' rad." spell, and does not cause deafness.
Speak With (Specific Animal)
Sphere:                          Animal
Range:                            0
Components:                  V
Duration:                        2rds/level
Casting Time:                  5
Area Of Effect:               1 animal within 30 ft
Saving throw:                  None
This spell is very similar to the second level speak with animals except the caster must chose one specific type of animal to speak with. In effect this is actually several spells, i.e. speak with bear, speak with wolf, ect. When this spell is learned one type of normal or giant animal must be chosen, and only that type may be spoken with.

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